Online Contest

We are online again!

Ask and you shall receive! The International MUA Festival by Love Rich is back online in 2021!

Our online contest is designed to give you an opportunity to showcase your talent from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live!

This year, we offer three categories – BEAUTY, FANTASY & DRAG.

To apply, all you need is to create a make-up look and post it to your public Instagram, as well as follow all the rules and guidelines from this presentation.

The submission period ends on November 1, 2021.

After the submission period has concluded, the organizing committee will select 10 entries to be reviewed by the panel of judges. The winner will be selected by the Festival judges and announced on November 8.

Both of my experiences with the MUA Festival were perfect. I would say this is one of the best organized make-up contests. It is truly amazing to get the chance to enjoy a fair-play competition with colleagues from all over the world and share your talent with an audience. It is also priceless to showcase your work before a truly top-notch panel of judges. MUA Festival, thank you for existing!

Sandra Nikoletic, 2020 Winner



Create a wearable day or night beauty make-up look. Hairstyle, accessories, and clothes should match the make-up and the overall theme.


Create a fantasy look combining face art and FX make-up. Hairstyle, accessories, and clothes should match the make-up and the overall theme. Body art can only supplement the look (hands, legs, etc.). The accent is on the face/neck area. This is not a body painting category.


Create a drag look with hairstyle, accessories, and clothes matching the make-up and the overall theme.

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