International MUA Festival by Love Rich represents a unique event combining make-up competition and seminars held by top international make-up artists.

The first edition of the Festival was held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018, while the second took place in Madrid, Spain in 2019. The third edition was scheduled for Milan, Italy but the global situation in 2020 transformed the event into an online contest.

As a make-up artist and a colleague herself, Marina Lovrić founded the Festival wishing to do something for the industry, to help younger artists, popularize the craft and elevate all of it to a higher level. With many make-up brands making comments on how the beauty exhibitions around the world are becoming less effective, Marina saw the Festival as the future of make-up and now wants to see it gain importance both in Europe and in the world.

Over 300 people have competed in the Festival so far. Impressive names from the world of make-up have served as judges, including Mimi Choi (Canada), Vanessa Davis (the UK), Danessa Myricks (USA), Denis Kartashev (Russia), Marina Golacheva (Belarus), Le Menestrel (France), Jos Brands (Belgium), Boris Cavlina (Austria), Lewis Amarante (Spain) and Francesco Guerra (Italy).

Make-up lovers from all over the world – rejoice! In 2021, we’re back online again so you will be able to participate no matter where you come from.

International M.U.A. Festival 2021 Presented by:
If you want to be a sponsor of the online contest and have your product goodie bag be a part of the prize, please contact us.